Assumption Catholic Church
in Eden Valley, MN
"BUILD YOUR OWN SUB" ON SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! February 7th after the 10:00 AM Mass. All proceeds raised goes toward our youth activities. For $5.00 you get a sub sandwich made your way, bag of chips, bottle of water, and a licorice treat. Subs can also be ordered separately.
FAITH AND FUN: An evening of Faith and Fun will be held for preschool-6th grade students. The evening will begin at 3:00 and end at approximately 6:30. The children will learn do crafts, learn about Divine Mercy, and play games until the youth Ash Wednesday Mass at 5:00. After Mass, there will be a meal for the children who participated in the Faith and Fun, as well as their families. Please RSVP to Molly Zimmerman (250-8401, to help with the planning for the crafts and meal.
MEN OF INTEGRITY: The Catholic Men's conference is on Saturday, February 13th from 8:00-5:00. Today's world needs men of integrity, men who will stand with courage to fulfill their baptismal call to proclaim the Good News, sharing Christ's mission through the Church. More information can be found under "Adult Faith Formation." Registration is $45/person or $40 each for groups of 5+.
Troy and Lindsey Huschle
Jason and Andrea Huschle
Jeremy and Michelle Brutger
Steve Schmitt
Corey and Catherine Lemke
Nicole Olmscheid
MERCY LEADS TO JOY: Join Catholic women for a lenten retreat on Saturday, February 27th at Sts. Peter & Paul in Richmond. For more information, call 320-346-2710.
JR. HIGH YOUTH RALLY A group of students attended the Jr. High Youth Rally on Sunday, January 10th. They were taught that "We are THE BODY OF CHRIST!" They swam, played basketball, and played dodgeball. Abbot John Klassen presided for the Mass. During the homily, he explained that 1) We are loved, no matter how clunky or awkward we may feel. We should affirm love for each other by following the example of the heavens opening when Jesus was baptized. 2) We are THE BODY OF CHRIST and each person, in their own way, is expected to serve others. The students did a great job of participating and served as collection ushers during Mass.  All in all, it was a good day! 
PURITY BALL: The Purity Ball for fathers/daughters (age 13+) is on Saturday, April 16th from 5:00-10:30. Fathers and daughters will enjoy an evening of fun as they grow in their relationship with one another and learn about the virtue of chastity. More information can be found under either "Adult Faith Formation" or "Youth Faith Formation." Registration deadline ($35/pair + $18 for each additional daughter) is April 1st.
INTO THE DEEP outdoor camping retreats for adults, 9th-12th graders, and middle school girls are offered by Jen Messing in the summer of 2016. See the Faith Formation pages for more information.