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Baby in Baptism Clothes

Baptism is the first and most basic sacrament because only a baptized person can receive any of the other six sacraments. The moment we are conceived, we receive the soul. When we are baptized, our soul receives sanctifying grace. The Assumption Parish welcomes into the parish each person who is presented for baptism. 

Baptism Preparation 

Parents and expecting parents seeking baptism should contact the parish office to sign up for a baptism preparation class and to schedule a meeting with the pastor. This class and meeting are only required for those who haven't already taken a class and met with Father. If you, as an adult, are seeking to be baptized into the Catholic Church or if you have a child older than the age of reason (7 years old) the process is different and you should consult our RCIA page. 


Requirements (coming soon!)

Godparent Letter of Good Standing


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