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Holding Hands

Congratulations! We are excited that you are asking for a sacramental marriage in the Catholic Church. The grace of the sacrament of marriage helps two people to live lovingly together in their pursuit of God. Marriage is a sign to the world of the invisible God who bears fruit in the lives of two people.  We look forward to helping you accept the God-given teaching on marriage, so as to live out a marriage of holiness and happiness.

Marriage Preparation 

Couples interested in getting married or getting their marriage blessed by the Catholic Church (convalidation) should contact the office at least six months prior to wedding date. When couples want to marry in the Catholic Church, we offer them sacramental preparation that incorporates the wisdom of Christian teaching and the reality of God’s grace. 


Wedding Checklist

Wedding Policies

Ceremony Instructions

Liturgical Procession Choices

Ten Tips For Keeping Your Catholic Wedding Focused on Faith

Three Tips For A Great Catholic Wedding

Parish Registration/Enrollment

Convalidation (marriage blessing) (link coming soon!)


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