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Wedding Checklist

1) Contact the parish office as early as possible to make a pre-marital meeting appointment. 

2) Live a sacramental life prior to marriage (weekly Eucharist, regular confession) built on a foundation of daily prayer (at least fifteen minutes each day).


After the first meeting

1) Make an appointment for a second meeting.

2) If required bring your baptismal certificates to the second meeting.


6 months before the ceremony:

1) Meet for the second time.

2) Register for a Weekend Marriage Course through the diocesan office (St. CloudNew Ulm). This course should be completed as soon as possible.

3) Complete the Fully Engaged questionnaire you receive via e-mail.

4) Read and complete the Fully Engaged couple's workbooks you received at the second meeting.

5) Begin meeting with your sponsor couple. The priest will assign a sponsor couple to work with the engaged couple. The sponsor couple helps prepare couples for marriage and nurture conversation about Catholic identity and the sacramental nature of marriage.


5 months before the ceremony:

1) Find a musician and use the guidelines to select music.

2) Discern 3 possible choices for each reading.

3 months before the ceremony:

1) Complete the Wedding Planning Sheet

2) Memorize your marriage vows and exchange of rings

3) Make an appointment for a third meeting


2 months before the ceremony:

1) Complete the Liturgy of the Word Sheet.


1 month before the ceremony:

1) Meet for the third time.

2) Bring a completed 

              -Wedding Planning Sheet,

              -Marriage Preparation Course Completion Certificate

              -Liturgy of the Word Sheet.

3) Go to the courthouse and apply for a Marriage License (at least one week prior to the ceremony).

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